- The Cl�ca MᲣio Serra is a reference for the treatment of the skin manifestations related with HIV infection. Dr. Serra೴udies in lipodystrophy are known worldwide and he is one of the pioneers in treating facial atrophy in Brazil, and is one of the consultants in lipodystrophy for the Brazilian National Program in STD/Aids. Nowadays he has been developing treatment for body atrophy related with lipodystrophy, especially augmentation of the buttocks, hands, arms and legs with polymethylmethacrylate. Beside the treatment of skin diseases in HIV and non-HIV patients, our clinic offers series of treatment in dermatology surgery and cosmiatric dermatology as: chemical and surgical peelings, permanent and temporary facial fillers for wrinkles and facial folds, prolonged depilation, botullin toxin, and rejuvenation treatment with IPL, etc. Nowadays, our team of dermatologists counts with a multi-disciplinary staff in our clinic, involving endocrinologist, sports medicine doctor, physiotherapist, nutritionist, and others professionals familiarized with clinical and metabolic aspects of lipodystrophy syndrome trying to provide the best treatment to our patients.
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